Personal Life and Interests

It is hard to have a total list of my hobbies, but I can easily say that I am very fond of cinema and quality TV series. I love the art of filmmaking and good storytelling in general. As a stereotypical "nerd" of course I am fond of science-fiction, fantasy as well as horror. 


I love Japanese anime even though I can't say I follow them as much as I would like to. Same can be said about gaming, I still enjoy it but I could find much less time to try new games these days (adulthood strikes...). My preference is games with good and engaging storytelling in general.


Recently we also started taking Salsa classes with my girlfriend and I discovered a newfound love for latin dances. Of course I am quite a beginner yet, but I hope to keep taking classes to improve.


I started practicing Aikido during university years in 2004, and it has been a passion of mine since then. I was lucky enough to come accross my teacher Nebi Vural, and I have been following his style of aikido since I started (though I did practice with many other teachers over the years in seminars and individual classes).


I moved to New York for my PhD after 3 years of aikido training, and after having my 1. dan, I decided to start an aikido dojo in my university (Polytechnic University). This started my experience with aroud 5 years of Aikido teaching and led to great friendships as well as valuable experience. After I left the university, one of my students, Matthew Bobea, has taken up to the teaching and has been continuing Aikido classes in NYU, check it out.


Since my arrival in France, I have been practicing aikido in various dojos (ASCR Rennes and SUC Aikido Strasbourg) and attending seminars of Nebi sensei as often as possible. I have also been attending the International Aikido Festival when I can, and performed demonstrations for USA and France (videos can be seen below). Currently I hold the rank of 4. dan given by Nebi Sensei and Eurasia Aikido Organization.