Research Background

If you are in a hurry, you can directly have a look at my short CV (or long version) and my google scholar page.

I started research in my last year of university (Middle East Technical University) on the topic of stereoscopic and multiview video compression. It was not at all an informed decision but mostly chance. I found out there is a meeting with our Prof. Gozde Bozdagi Akar on available research projects, and upon attending I found the topic of image video processing quite interesting. So I decided to take part in the just launching EU research project 3DTV. This turned into my entire masters degree, and various publications as well as valuable experience in C/C++ programming and H.264 video compression standard. I decided to pursue a PhD degree on the topics of image and video processing.


After finishing my Masters, I applied various schools in USA for a PhD, and finally got accepted by Prof. Yao Wang in Polytechnic University (now known as NYU Tandon School of Engineering). My initial topic of research was layered video transmission through multiantenna wireless networks using layered space-time codes (long title huh!). Although it was an interesting subject and was inline with my earlier background, unfortunately it was also quite limited in terms of innovability. Fortunately, a year and a half into my PhD., my advisor, along with Prof. Ivan Selesnick has started a new project on the use of compressive sensing in parallel dynamic MRI. I happily accepted swithcing topics and this led me towards a new area of research with topics such as linear inverse problems, convex optimization, compressive sensing and medical imaging


After my PhD. I wanted to continue on similar topics, and I was also interested to move in Europe. I started my first postdoc with Rémi Gribonval in INRIA Rennes (France) on the topic of calibration in compressive sensing. After two years in INRIA, I started another postdoc in Technicolor with Patrick Pérez on audio inverse problems (also With Alexey Ozerov) as well as developing sparse features for fast image based search (also with Joaquin Zepeda). After spending 4 years of research in Rennes, I can honestly say that I learned a lot from colleagues both in professional and personal sense, and I was quite happy with life in Bretagne. Finally, due to personal reasons, I decided to move to Strasbourg, and started last postdoc in the MIV team in iCube laboratory in University of Strasbourg, on medical image registration problem with the use of spectral graphs and features with Vincent Noblet and Fabrice Heitz


Currently I am a Senior Research Engineer in Audio Analytic Ltd. research labs, working on machine learning and audio event detection.