3D/Multiview Video, Compression and Error Concealment

The 3DTV network of excellence (NoE) was a research project funded by the European Union 6. Frame Information Society Technologies Programme, which included 19 companies and institutions spread among 9 european countries, with the aim of collaborating for research on almost all aspects of 3D imagery and video creation, compression, transmission and display. I was a researcher within this project between the years 2004-2007, and actively contributed to research on the topics of stereoscopic/multiview video compression, transmission and error concealment. In addition to these research topics, I extensively studied 3D and epipolar geometry, camera calibration, depth/disparity estimation, perceptual quality of stereoscopic imagery


During this project we have developed (and implemented) compression algorithms for stereoscopic video as well as multiview video, with the backward compatibility with standard H.264 decoders. This was achieved first time in the literature, and very similar ideas were later implemented within the H.264 standard by our project partners. My experience in this project have also helped me really learn to think like a developer, and have immense experience with C/C++ and OpenCV in my formative years of research.

I also wrote my BSc. thesis on the error concealment of stereoscopic and multiview video, and developed algorithms that can generate entire lost frames with inter-view and inter-frame correlations.

Relevant Publications

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